28th June 2021


During group time, the children sang ‘Good Morning’, and read books with Tima.  We started the letter of week- ‘Aa’ and this morning Tima stated to talk about her favourite fruit an ‘Apple’.

Then the children were encouraged to share if they knew anything that begins with an ‘a’ sound. They said, ‘A’ is for our friend Alice, A is for our teacher Alejandra. The children’s knowledge of objects begins with the ‘aaa’ sound was scaffolded with pictures and story.

This was followed by listening to their all-time favourite story “I am dirty dinosaur”. It was an interactive story time. Tima asked questions to children, and they demonstrated their understanding of how important it is to wash our hands and our bodies.

During learning centre time, children continued to practice holding pencil in a correct grip, applied appropriate pressure and copied their Names with Alejandra.

Others continues to match letters with objects around in the Magenta room.

During the news time, Tima asked them to share about their weekend. Here are the interesting responses, we have collected.

Henry: “I made the cake with mum and Daddy yesterday

Isla: “Me too I made a cake with Mummy and Daddy”.

Louis: “I went to a baby birthday party yesterday”.

Elise: “yesterday I played with Daddy and Daddy bough something for me”.

Leo: “yesterday I played with Daddy and Daddy bough a blue dragon”.

-Levi: “I got a new Paw Patrol hat and went to house. I played whole day and night with my best friend Luca”.

In the afternoon, children did meditation. Watching the clouds whilst listening to soothing music and talking to each other using gentle voices was absolutely relaxing.

During free play time, the children chose what they would like to do, including, drawing, playing in the kitchen corner. We had sensory tray with rice and dinosaur, children loved it and spent quality time engaging in their own learning and development.

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