Happy Tuesday!!


During group time, the children sang their good morning songs in different languages and explored letter recognition by looking at the alphabet chart.

We continued with the letter of the week (Aa) and this morning Alejandra explained that her name starts with letter A, like our friend Alice too. Most of the children identify first letter of their names.

We also read books and started to improve our Spanish language with Alejandra and Daniel that help children develop language skills.

During learning centre time today with Daniel, they made dinosaurs. They used their creativity to paint it with different colours also we read stories about the dinosaurs and discussed their colours, names, and different type of dinosaurs.

Following children’s interest of mask making and pretend playing, we mad masks today. She showed them different masks like a dog, butterfly, and monkey. The children chose their favourite character and made their very own mask.

During free play, the children explored magnets, farm animals, books, and enjoyed cooking meals for their friends in the Home Corner.

All the children were busy exploring different learning experiences, expressing their interests, sharing toys and resources, and learning how to be involved in social play.

We had a lovely day and are looking forward to tomorrow!

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