Hello, Crimson families. It is the last day of June!! Unfortunately, the weather was not nice again today but the children took the chance to go out and play in the yard when the rain stopped!


At group time, all the children gathered on the mat. We talked about Covid-19 and the safety measures against it, as we all have the responsibility to keep our community safe. Each child came up with different ideas such as washing hands with soap, wearing a mask, staying home etc…  At the entrance to the Crimson Room, posters drawn by some of the children were displayed. When the children saw it, they reminded each other and said “We have to wash our hands!”. Well done!!


After that, it was learning centre time.

Children who decided to stay inside engaged in a discussion on the topic “What makes a forest”. Children encouraged to think about the difference between a tree and a forest. They also thought about how many trees need to come together to make a forest. After, children were invited to create their own forest by cutting paper and drawing the stem. At another table, children had a chance to explore numeracy. They used numbers and monkeys to balance the balance scale. They had to make sure that the numbers matched the monkeys, so that really helped to improve their number recognition.

Max, Oscar, Dominic and Teos showed great construction skills. They described their creation as “This is a machine, can turn big people into baby.”


Children who decided to spend time on the deck enjoyed various activities. Some children made flowers using paper cupcake moulds. They used their fine motor skills to use scissors and cut paper. Isabelle and Archie commented that they were making flowers for their mummies. At the other table, children expressed their idea through watercolour painting. When it was not raining, children had a chance to play in the sandpit. Julia, Shona and Arya were all busy preparing for the party.


In the afternoon, we had a new teacher, Adeline. She brought two assistants, Lily and Maddison. They invited children to sit on the mat and read a story to them.


We are pleased to announce that we will start News Time from next week. Each week we have a specific topic and also a specific day of the week for each child’s news. If you have any questions, please ask one of the educators!


Thank you for lovey Wednesday. See you tomorrow!!

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