Another exciting day at Magenta and children started their day with the usual morning group time.

During group time, together we sang the good morning song in different languages. Also, we spoke about the days of the week and the weather of the day. Then we explored letter recognition by writing our names on the white board. We continued with the letter of the week project and Alejandra explained to the children that, her name begins with letter ‘A’. Then the children were requested to come up with any names starting from letter A. They were very curious about it. Alejandra reminded them A is for Apple.

Further, we read two books together- ‘Dino Mummy’ and ‘My Birthday. We tried to improve our vocabulary by trying to understand the meanings of some new words.

During the learning centre time, Daniel continued the same project from yesterday about dinosaurs. Children were given a print with different types of dinosaur pictures, and they had a task to recognise if the dinosaur walk, fly, or live in the water. Children were very curious about this activity, and they wanted to explore more about dinosaurs and, they wanted to discuss about the life cycle of dinosaurs which will be continued.

Alejandra continued extending on mask making activity. She gave the option for the children to choose which animal character they would like to make. The options were monkey, fox, dog, and a butterfly. Children decided to make a mask of a fox. Alejandra gave colouring pencils, glitter, and glue for them to come up with their own creations and ideas.

During free play children explored cars, books, cooking meals for their peers at the home corner.

All the children were overly excited and busy exploring different learning experiences, expressing their interests, sharing and caring each other and learning how to be involved in social play.

We all had a lovely day and looking forward to another exciting day!

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