It’s Thursday today and also July! Everyone has had a terrific day playing games and dancing their little socks off!

The children enjoyed sitting down with their educators for group time. Today the children sang songs with Ekta and read Spot books with Robyn. Group time is always a fun start to the day where the children can engage in meaningful conversations and discuss books with their educators and friends.

Time for yoga! The children were excited to get started this morning and were very helpful collecting yoga mats and putting their shoes on the shoe rack. We exercised our gross motor skills together by stretching and jumping.

The children had so much fun outside today playing on Ekta’s obstacle course! The children used their fine motor skills to balance on stepping stones, climb up and over equipment and slide down the slide!

Looks like we’ve had a gross motor kind of day! Throughout the day the children have also enjoyed dancing together. We love to wear our tutus and move our bodies to the music 😊

Thank you for such a fun day!

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