Good afternoon everyone and hope you have been having a lovely week so far.

This morning we had a lovely morning tea of assorted vegemite and jam crackers with fresh fruit inside in the warmth of the magenta room.

During group time today we have been focusing on our healthy bodies and discussing how to keep us healthy. We read the story with Tima called “ What is a virus” and we discussed what we can do to keep our bodies happy and healthy during the Corona virus time. To further extend this topic and to create a dialogue between children we made a hand print activity where we had one hand filled with glitter representing the germs that can be found on our hands and then we practiced washing our hands and fingers to make sure all the germs were gone.

With Daniel the children looked and researched the types of animals that live in the jungle. They discussed images and different types of media that reflected the jungle atmosphere and habitat. To extend upon this interest the children made a collage of all the jungle animals.

Isabelle and Alice played play dough on the table. Isabella was making a caterpillar with the play dough while Alice was singing the frozen song let it go

Some of our other activities today were Cars, block construction where the children used their gross motor movements to make towers that didn’t wobble, dinosaur world with sensory rice and tactile exploration, home corner where the children used their language skills to mimic the world around them as mums and daddies and people in their community members such as shop keepers and Dr’s. Outside obstacle course, and jumping on the jumping course.


We hope you have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow.

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