Dear families, Welcome to Aqua’s day today.

Claire and Quinn started their morning by stretching our body with some Yoga poses helping them to promote health and well-being.

Outside, Joey, Iris and Nicholas were busy constructing in the sandpit and transferring sand from load trucks.  They put their all effort as a team in construction. Well Done!

In learning centre, children actively participated in group time and exhibited their existing knowledge through group discussions which was later scaffolded by educators.

We continued doing NAIDOC projects with children where they participated in dot painting using stick exposing them to Aboriginal culture and practice.

Likewise, to promote health and hygiene practice, we continued out water and pepper experience where children were acknowledged about importance of using soap.

“Some Pancakes?” asked Nishka.

Throughout her engagement with play dough, our generous Nishka manipulated play dough and offered different shaped pancakes to all her peers and educators.

Similarly, Amelia, Poppy, Pasha and Joey had a great discussion to make a grocery list for shopping. It was good watching them negotiating with the goods that they would include in the list.

Madeleine and Quinn patted the baby and sang some lullabies. This facilitates their life-skills such as empathy and care.

Out whole day was full of fun where our enthusiastic Aqua children made themselves busy participating and exploring room.

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