Hello, Crimson families. First day of July! It was not so good weather today either, however, it didn’t matter to the children! They engaged in a variety of activities and had a great time.


At group time, all the children gathered on the mat. Children reassure Crimson rules as we respect each other.


After that, it was learning centre time.

Children who decided to stay inside continued discussing the forest. Children were asked, “What makes a forest” and what is different between a tree and a forest. After listening to stories related to the forest and the earth, children had a chance to express their idea of the forest by cutting and pasting paper. On other table, Teos and Max R were working very hard to build “Australian local space station”.   Through trial and error, they arranged magnetic tiles around the base station to create an environment. Whist, Edward proudly showed his peers and educators how he could connect small blocks very very long!!


Children who chose to stay on the deck took part in scientific experiments. Children observed different densities between oil and water. While experiment, they discovered that if you put oil and water in a bottle and shake them, they mix for a while but then quickly separate. And, each child had a chance to drop food colouring into the bottle and see if colour moved through the layer of oil.  As a result, the children came to the conclusion that oil is less dense than water and also oil is less dense than food colouring. Well done to all our future scientists!



A reminder to families that we will start News Time from next week. Each week we have a specific topic and also a specific day of the week for each child’s news. If you have any questions, please ask one of the educators!

Thank you for lovey Thursday. See you tomorrow!!

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