Hello, Crimson families. The second day of July. At last, the fog has cleared and the sun has peeked out!!! We have been waiting for you, sunshine!!!!


At group time, all the children gathered on the mat. We talked about ‘News Time’ which starts next week. The children have been assigned to different days of the week, so we went over this and also went over the topics for the coming week.

But, wait! What should we bring and what should we talk about? Elliott showed us how it’s done! He brought a printout of the pictures from home, and Amol gave an explanation about it. Thank you, Elliot!!! After, Nicky and Ava each had a turn to talk about their news.


Then, it was time for the learning centre.


Children who decided to stay inside continued to explore their idea of the forest through art and puzzle.

As children loved to build space station yesterday, spaceships and magnetic tiles were set up together again. They used their imagination and creativity to design a space environment and enjoyed imaginative play with the astronaut dolls.


Children who chose to stay on the deck had so much fun at Burns bay sandwich shop. They engaged in role-play, taking on the roles of sandwich makers, servers and customers. Each demonstrated the ability to apply knowledge gained in everyday life! And also, they showed great manners to interact beautifully and peacefully.

Construction is always hit. Max W showed Archie how to make one and they made the same car using a Mobilo. Laura used Lego to create a farm. On the same table, Dominic made an airplane.


In the afternoon, all the children enjoyed being in the yard and stayed active!


Have a great weekend. We’ll see you next week!

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