Happy Friday! We have come to the end of another week in the Emerald room. We haven’t let the rain stop us and the children have participated in lots of fun activities throughout the week 😊

Today the children joined in with different group times in the morning. The children decided which educator they wanted to sit with. In Ekta’s group time, the children loved to sing ‘Brown Bear’ using visual aids and read stories. In Cindy’s group time, everyone was excited to interact with her special toys! And in Robyn’s group time, the children had fun learning about the alphabet, matching Australian animals, and playing with finger puppets!

Looks like yoga was a girl’s session today! We warmed up our bodies by moving them to our yoga songs. Together we stretched and practiced animal poses … we even had time for a yoga selfie!

Another day, another obstacle course! The children loved exploring this course with Ekta! They used their gross motor skills to climb up, over and inside of the equipment. Great job everyone!

We have had a fantastic Friday playing happily together with the wooden blocks, in the sand pit and reading books 😊 Have a lovely weekend and keep safe!

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