Welcome to another wonderful week here at Crimson! We are in our second week of lockdown, and we have thought about the importance of deepening children’s awareness with the what’s happening in our community. We have followed up on last week’s discussions and shared those information to others who weren’t present then.

As we brainstorm for ideas about coronavirus and lockdown, children have shared amazing ideas that they have learnt from discussions and also their observations in their surroundings.

Julia, ‘Wear your mask outside!’

Laura, ‘Yes, you have to wear the mask so you don’t get the germs.’

Oscar, ‘Wash your hands for 20 seconds.’

Belian, ‘Wash your hands before eating!’

Since children have growing interest in knowing more about “Coronavirus” we watched a video about how it spreads and also how we can stop the spread around. Everyone’s been conscious of covering their mouth when they sneeze and cough and they have been reminding each other too! Children are now taking more active role in doing proper hygiene practices to stop this virus from further spreading.

In addition, children have created wonderful artworks, in particular, dot painting in connection with the celebration of NAIDOC Week this year. We have also practiced our writing skills by writing our names on them and also the heading for their artwork. The Possums, Platypus and Kookaburra Group have had interesting and open-ended discussions about exploring more about the purpose of the celebration. We have also read some Aboriginal dreamtime stories and shared about some Indigenous practices.

Today has been really cold especially in the morning so the Crimson Group have had a lot of time to do some warm and they have utilised their fundamental skills such as jumping, running, galloping and more. They enjoyed doing it together with their friends whilst we reinforce on respecting our body boundaries.

Elliot had been adventurous too! He went and explored the cubby house and slide. He did it a couple of times before he left and do something else.

News Time topic: “Coronavirus awareness! How are we helping to stop the spread and keep ourselves safe?”

Oscar, ‘I wash my hands with soap and use my elbow when I sneeze.’

Joshan, ‘I wash my hands with soap. We need to wash hands and sing happy birthday two times to wash away the germs.’

Laura, ‘We need to wear a mask when we go outside of the house.’

Before the news time began, we encouraged the children to listen and show respect to the person talking in front. In addition, the reporters encouraged the listeners to ask questions at the end and it was a great practice to build their confidence, vocabulary and respect in a group setting.

We also would like to thank everyone who prepared news today and last Friday. If you miss that out today, please refer to the roster and topics on the sign in desk.

Also, please feel free to share to the team your goal/s for your child or any area you would like us to work on for the next couple of months. We appreciate any input and feedback from you.

Thank you!


Have a wonderful afternoon, everyone!

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