Happy Monday dear Aqua family.

Today, Nishka, Isla, Molly and Isabel started their morning by having morning breakfast together and discussed about their weekends.

Isla “I play with baby Eli!”

Nishka “I played with my sister because my friends couldn’t come to see me.”

Molly “I did some dancing!”

Isabel “Me and Laura went to the park!”

Emmeline spent her morning by drawing using textas facilitating her fine motor skills and creativity.

Likewise, Teresia expressed her empathy and care towards dinosaurs by feeding them some leaves.

Indi, Henry and Nicholas exhibited great teamwork to transport sand for construction.

In learning centre, children enjoyed listening to stories with Komalpreet whilst with Liza, children discussed about germs, Corona virus and importance of covering our mouth while coughing, using mask and washing hands.

Followed by the activity of washing hands. In the activity, Liza demonstrated hygiene way of washing hands via video and picture demonstration. Children pretended their hands getting dirty by dipping their hands on mud. Later, Liza asked children to help her demonstrate healthy hand washing by taking reference from the provided picture. All the children did really well by demonstrating most of the hand washing steps.

For NAIDOC, Donna exposed children to Aboriginal colours and their meaning extending it to playdough experience. Children helped Donna make play dough and identified colours of the flag and made the playdough of relevant colours. Similarly, with Komalpreet, children used their fine motor skills to make Aboriginal Flag. This exposed children to diversity of Aboriginal culture and values.

The day was full of fun exploring and talking about weekend. Hope you all are having a good day too.

Have a good time and stay safe 😊

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