Happy Monday to all the Burns Bay families!

During the group time Children sang “Good morning song” in different languages and Alejandra welcomed everyone. Then continued recognising the letters of the alphabet and some children requested Alejandra to remind the first letter of their names. Letter of the week is (B) and some children volunteered to talk about some objects which they brought from home to represent letter B.

Henry brought a “Bubble wrap”, Alice brought a Teddy “Bear” and Isla brought a “book” called- ‘Who is afraid of the big bad bunny?’ All the children were so excited to listen to the speeches.

This week is NAIDOC week, and we started an activity based on NAIDOC. One of our educators explained children about the colours on Aboriginal Flag. Also, she explained children that Black represents people, red represents earth and yellow represents sun.

During the free play, children sat in a circle and played with Alejandra a game called “doggy doggy where your bone is”. These types of games help them to improve their social, emotional, and physical skills.

During the outside pay time, children were engaged practising their balancing skills on the bean. They had lots of fun singing “five cheeky monkeys” and jumping out of the bean. Also, some children were engaged in building at the construction corner.

We will be continuing our leaning and playing for the rest of the day. See you tomorrow.

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