Good afternoon families!

Another fabulous day at Burns Bay Cottage with our little friends! We started our day in the lovely outdoor weather and it was so nice to have a little bit more warmth coming back in the mornings.

We started our day with the usual morning group time with Durshi (One of our Educators) and together we sang the “good morning” song in different languages. Then we discussed about the weather of the day and tried to refresh our memory about the days of the week by singing “days of the week”.  Together we read two stories “Red Riding Hood and 1, 2 ,3 Peppa Pig” . Durshi carried out a simple counting activity with the group to identify the numbers from 1 to 10.  We continued with our “Letter of the week’ project and the letter of this week was “B”. Durshi explained the group about phonics. Durshi said B is for book and children came up with lots of things starting with B.


Alejandra continued the same project from yesterday to celebrate NAIDOC week. She did a beautiful artwork with children using three colors and children’s finger prints.


Durshi conducted an animating science experiment “Make Your Drawings Float. Children drew a stick man on a glass surface and it looked like the ink was sticking to the surface. Then every child got a turn to wipe across the drawing using their dry figures. Then we discussed “Does your finger wipe off the drawing, or can you still see it afterward?” Then we poured just enough water onto the glass container to cover the drawing. We waited and observed.  We discussed about our observation “Does the drawing being to float and come to life? That trick looked so awesome that we were inspired to try it ourselves but instead of making floating stick-men, we made floating hearts, squares and different shapes this time.


During free play children explored constructing with blocks, logos, play at the kitchen corner etc.


Everyone was very thrilled and busy exploring different learning experiences, expressing their interests, sharing and caring each other and getting more experienced in how to be involved in social play.


We all had an amazing day and so looking forward to another exciting day tomorrow at BBC.

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