Good afternoon dear Aqua families.

We started our morning with indoor activities.

Quinn continued to develop her interest in constructing tunnel whilst Claire was busy patting babies and taking them to the park.

All the children enjoyed morning tea and Sophie helped Liza to serve her peers.

Inside, Isla, Nishka and Molly got busy planning to give some treats and surprises for their babies.

In learning center time,  the children enjoyed story time with Amandeep and Carolina. It was so much  fun singing songs and sharing stories.

Some children participated in Yoga with Carolina and flexed their flexible body.

Alice and Emmeline made some Aboriginal patterns from play dough and some mud painting exposing them to Aboriginal culture and practices.

With Liza, the children continued discussing about healthy washing hands and about germs and viruses. The discussion was extended with a bread experiment where all children touched the bread to make it dirty. Later, they will observe the bread every day and observe how germs spread once food gets dirty.

Outside, the children showed off their strength by participating in an obstacle course and physical activities.

All the children had fun and kept themselves busy by exploring our learning spaces.

Hope you all have a good evening.

Take care.

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