Happy Thursday Everyone, Its nearly the end of the week and time goes by so quickly.

Amelia, Isla and Remi spent their morning going to the park and enjoying a lovely little picnic.

It was fun how Quin was helping her friend Alegria to go up the slide. Both helped each other and cared for each other.

In learning center, the children loved listening to stories and singing songs with Natahsa, Carolina and Affa.

Today the children continued learning about healthy washing hands and its importance with Liza.

Outside Amelia and Alegria enjoyed dot painting. They used their creativity to create a beautiful kangaroo. Inside, the children were introduced to the Torres Strait Islander flag and then they made their own flag using some watercolour paint. They demonstrated good sharing skills.

Outside, the children loved mud painting and enjoyed the cold sensation it gave their fingers.

With Carolina, the children enjoyed exploring a Dinosaur egg and waited for it to hatch. They demonstrated a great patience level and hypothesized what might happen before and after the egg is hatched.

Throughout the day, the children enjoyed exploring our learning spaces and participated in many different learning experiences.

It was a lovely fun day. Hope you all have a good evening.

Stay safe and take care.

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