Hello, Crimson families. The mornings were very chilly, however, the sun kept us warm during the day! The children had a great time in the yard as well as in the different areas, where they took part in a variety of activities.


At group time, we gathered on the mat and reassure Crimson rules once again. And after, we had a News time! Today, Elliot and Arda presented their news.

Elliot showed us pictures of the park and of the swimming pool. The children recognised the park and many of them said: “I have been to that park too”.

Ada brought his mask and showed us how to wear it. He said, his mum made it small (Adra’s mask had been adjusted to a smaller size by knotting a string.). And he needs to wear a mask when he goes to the coffee shop.

Other children raised their hands and gave an idea of where they had to wear a mask.

Teos – Hospital

Adeline – Shopping centre

Nicky – Toy shop

Maksym – Bus

Arya – Train

Well done!


After, it was time for the learning centre.

Children who decided to stay inside had a great time engaging in various activities. Julia, Adeline, Isabelle, Oscar, and Belian showed their respect for Aboriginal people by painting. They used Red, Black and Yellow paintings to paint the Aboriginal flag. On the other table, Archie, Maksym and Nicky worked together to build the car ramp with magnetic tiles. These three boys were building together yesterday as well! After, Dominic and Belian used their literacy skills to match upper and lower case letters. They were able to find most of the letters without help, but the tricky ones, they discuss with each other.


Children who chose to stay on the deck also acknowledged indigenous culture by painting. Ava-Rose, Viraj, Edward, Max W used Red, Black, Yellow and White paints and created dot paintings. Indigenous aspects were also incorporated into the Playdough table. The children played with a range of native Australian plants and native animals combined with playdough. Bee-themed was again a big hit today. The children all loved this activity of making honey and waited for their turn.

In the afternoon, Jeffrey had a turn to do his News time. He brought a mask from home and showed it to us. He showed us how to put the mask on and said that we had to cover our nose and mouth, not our eyes!

Thank you for a lovely Wednesday. See you tomorrow.

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