Thursday is here! The children have had a fabulous day learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their culture, history and achievements through different activities!

We started our day with group time (of course!), where the children participated in reading stories, singing songs and playing with the felt board and puppets! This is a great way to encourage speech and language through positive social interactions and meaningful conversations.

Today the girls had lots of fun doing yoga together! They held hands to complete all of their yoga moves 😊 We enjoy this time of the day to move our bodies and the meditation section is great for relaxing and breathing!

We used natural materials as paintbrushes today to create some lovely artwork for NAIDOC week!

And then we used our fingers to create fantastic dot paintings on boomerangs! The children also enjoyed painting on toilet rolls with sticks!

We continued with our mural and added more handprints…

Thank you for a lovely day in the Emerald room exploring NAIDOC activities, the sand pit and blocks!

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