Good day BBC families!

Another fabulous day at Burns Bay Cottage with our Magenta friends! Today was lots of fun and the children enjoyed heaps of different activities that aim to enhance all areas of development.

To begin the day, Alejandra conducted a Yoga session with all the children and we had so much fun.

Our group times are always very interactive and engaging! We all love to sing and read books together. We started the morning group time with Durshi and together we sang “good morning” song in different languages. Then we discussed about weather of the day and tried to refresh our memories about the days of the week.  Together we read two story books “The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Noisy Animal Peekaboo.

We continued with our “Letter of the week’ project and the letter for this week is “B”.  Durshi conducted a small game for us to understand the sound of letter B. Children were asked to think of a song, insect, food, animal, a game and an activity starting with B sound. Then we all did another simple math game using the abacus.

Daniel taught us about dinosaurs and he explained us about different types of dinosaurs who lived on earth long ago. Then we did an activity based on what we learnt and it was so much fun.

Alejandra continued the Aboriginal Art work from yesterday and children loved it. Durshi started another Aboriginal artwork to celebrate NAIDOC week. We learnt that thousands of years ago, Aboriginal people made lots of different designs for ceremonies using dots which were made using soil.

Throughout the day the children have loved joining in with painting, reading books, drawing and constructive play. It’s been a very fun day indeed! Looking forward to another exciting day tomorrow at BBC.

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