Happy Friday dear families.

The Aqua children kept themselves warm in the morning by staying inside.

Alegria, Molly and Claire did multitask by taking the babies to the park and using their problem-solving skills to solve puzzles.

Likewise, Sophia continued exploring Aboriginal patterns.

Some children demonstrated their great teamwork to construct buildings and towers. They did such great work and exhibited good sharing and turn taking skills.

In learning centre, children participated in Carolina and Komalpreet’s group time. With Carolina, children continued exploring dinosaur eggs and discovered it was Triceratops! This was followed by an art and craft activity to create their own Triceratops.

Similarly, with Affa, children enjoyed sticking colourful feathers to create a Rainbow Lorikeet.

Zoe and Alegria enjoyed the doll’s house and pretended they were mini dolls, using their voices to play their respective roles. This facilitates children’s language skills and life skills such as problem solving, care and empathy.

With Komalpreet, children learnt Maths and Science by making playdough. They demonstrated good listening skills and followed instructions really well.

With our healthy practice project, children discussed about putting on a mask while going outside leading to spontaneous learning of making face masks and decorating them.

Later, we took a little sneak peak outside once it stopped raining.

We had fun today exploring the room despite the challenging weather.

Hope you all have a good afternoon.

Have a great weekend and stay warm. 😊

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