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Another fan day at Burns Bay Cottage with our Magenta friends! Today, children enjoyed some outside play time to start the day. Daniel conducted a Yoga session with all the children and we all had so much fun.

We then came inside for a group time where we focus on literacy and numeracy skills by reading books, singing, counting and lots of other interactive activities.  Together we sang “good morning” song in different languages. Durshi and Daniel explained children the ways people greet in different countries. Then we discussed about the weather of the day and tried to refresh our memories about the days of the week.  Together we read two story books “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly and Noisy Animal Peekaboo.  Durshi explained the group that how to prevent Corona Virus and what we can do. Durshi reminded children about the correct hand washing procedure and cough etiquettes. We continued with our “Letter of the week’ project and the letter for this week is “B”.  We learnt the “letter B says…” song.

Children did a craft activity with Daniel and they decorated their own paper crowns. Durshi started another Aboriginal artwork to celebrate NAIDOC week. Children decorated their own Boomerangs using Aboriginal patterns to kick start their imaginative thought process. Children learnt that Boomerang is a traditional hunting tool used by the Aboriginal people of Australia and they can be credited with the invention of it. Also they learnt that Boomerang was first discovered by Australian settlers as they came in contact with the traditional owners of this land. We discussed about its unique shape that has been carefully designed by the traditional owners of the land such that it returns back upon throwing in the air.

Throughout the day the children have loved joining in with painting, reading books, drawing and constructive play. It’s been a very fun day indeed! Looking forward to another exciting day tomorrow at BBC!

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