Happy Friday!!


Today was a very busy day in the Magenta room. In the morning time, due to the rainy day, our children were provided with many opportunities to explore indoor play. There were full of activities for children to choose their own experiences. It was a great time to see children moving around the room to try each activity.


Group time where we focus on literacy and numeracy skills by reading books, singing, counting and lots of other interactive activities.  Together we sang the ‘good morning’ song in different languages. Then we discussed about the weather of the day and tried to refresh our memories about the days of the week. Tima continued to explain to the group how we can prevent the spread of Corona Virus – with hand washing being extremely important (especially in the current climate)


We continued with our ‘Letter of the week’ project and the letter for this week

is ‘B’ or ‘b’.  We learnt the ‘letter B says…’ song

Together we read two story books ‘How the Kangaroos got their tails’ and ‘Roadwork’s ‘.


After a group time we continued to work on our NAIDOC painting. We painted dots on red paper.


This morning we also….. Helped to make a tent, then created families under the tent all having different rules.

We also explored the sensory sand, digger, crane, roller , Exavator and  dump truck machine is always popular in Magenta room.


Thanks to Henry for sharing a space dress, Leo shared a transformer toy, and Kavya brought a fork and a fish. Thanks to their parents for always finding objects at home.




Hope you have a lovely weekend and see you all Monday!


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