Welcome back to another week with us here in the Aqua Room. The children have been talking about the time they are spending at home on the weekend with their Mums and Dads. We hope you had a nice weekend even though we are all stuck inside a lot.

The children were smiling and laughing together and exploring all areas of the room. Today to start the morning off, Tilly enjoyed digging in the sand while Nicholas M transported the car around it.

Henry and Isabel are always seen together, laughing, smiling, and playing together.

Outside in the other room Poppy and Iris completed some puzzles, Poppy needed a little help from the teacher with her puzzle but was super proud of herself when she completed it.

In the kitchen area Joey helped Iris feed the dolls, while outside some of the girls explored the Dino world.

Group time was full of nursery rhymes and requested story books today. Especially a Peppa pig book. The children enjoyed listening to it twice and displayed their good listening skills.

After group time the children went into small groups for their learning center time.

Some of the children finished some Naidoc Art with Donna. They used sticks as their paint brushes.

With Natasha the children had the opportunity to have free art with chalk. They could be heard asking each other to look at their drawing, they were so proud of each other.

With Liza the children continue to learn the importance of keeping the germs away so not to catch the virus. They did a science project where they used powder for the germs and what happens when we don’t block our sneeze. Liza put the powder in her hand and gave a big sneeze and showed how germs spreads in the air. The children have been working so hard on this project and are showing great signs of understanding when they wash their hands.

Also some of the children used scissor to cut the dough and displayed good fine motor control.

What a fun filled day, stay safe everyone and have a wonderful evening.

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