Hello, Crimson families. The sun was warm again today, but the wind was very cold!! The children were moving their bodies and some were sweating despite the chilly wind.


At group time, we gathered on the mat and listened to Ryan, Teos Evelyn, Alexia and Jack’s news.

Ryan – Showed his mask. He said we need to cover nose and mouth because of Coronavirus. And we need to wear masks when we go outside of the house like in shops.

Teos – Showed his blue mask. He said when his baby sister went to the hospital, he wore his mask. We need to wear masks to make germs not come into our bodies. Arda asked the question “Why is it big?” Teos answered, “Because my face is big.”.

Evelyn – Brought a syringe and a Band-Aid toy from home. She said she found them at her old home, and we need Band-Aid because germs go into our bodies if we don’t have them. She gave Amor a shot and then put a band-aid on him. When Amol asked her “How much do you charge?” she replied “$300”.

Alexia – Brought her mask. She said she likes her mask because it is cute. And she wears her mask when she goes to the shopping centre.

Jack – Showed his orange car. He said his mum bought it for him at the shop. He likes it because orange is his favourite colour.



Each week’s news time has a specific topic. This week’s topic is coronavirus awareness. For more information, see the picture below.


After, it was time for the learning centre.

Children who decided to stay inside enjoyed working with their peers. Oli, Jack, Euan and Adeline, sat at the table and expressed their respect to indigenous people by painting. Arya, Shona, Laura and Julia loved to spend their time making their books. Julia said she was making a book about the girl going to the beach and collecting shells. Nicky, Teos, Joshan and Dominic spent a long time at the Lego table. They used their creativity freely to create aeroplanes, airport and many other things.


Children who chose to stay on the deck were provided lots of opportunities to practice their fine motor skills. Ava, Evelyn and Alexia cut out a piece of paper in the shape of their hand and made dot paintings on it. Whilst, Ryan and Max used their manipulating skills to have a creative play with playdough and native Australian animals. The Honey Bee Table was a huge hit again today and many children were engaged in the activity.


In the afternoon, children had a great time in the yard, interacting with friends and educators.

What a fun day it was! See you tomorrow.

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