Welcome back! It’s Monday and we hope the children are ready for another week of fun learning experiences and activities 😊

This morning, the children participated in group time with their educators. Together we read our favourite books and sang our favourite nursery rhymes with the hand puppets. Group time is always such a fun way to engage the children in conversations and a lovely way to encourage speech!

Time for yoga! The children were excited to get started and could not wait to take off their shoes! During the colder months, we try to encourage the children to keep their socks on … We had a lot of fun following along to our yoga songs and creating different animal poses with our bodies!

The children have also been participating in a ‘Winter’ project! Today they painted mittens and talked about the different clothing items they can wear to keep warm in the winter!

We warmed up our bodies with some gross motor activities like playing with the hula-hoop and reaching up high to post the coloured balls through the tube. This definitely helped to warm up our bodies!

One of our favourite books at the moment is ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and today the children decorated a leaf and made a fuzzy caterpillar from pompoms! What a fun way to develop our fine motor skills!

Thank you for a super fun Monday exploring the sand pit, dinosaurs, train track, dancing and of course … playing with the shaving foam and farm animals!

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