Happy Monday to all the Burns Bay Families!


Alejandra did some Yoga poses and the children were super excited to do all the poses in her yoga book and she reminded them that the letter of the week is “C”.

Also this was super fun because the children did the best to pronounce the ABC Yoga Animals in Spanish. “C” For Crocodile which is Cocodrillo in Spanish.


During group time the children sang our ‘Good Morning Song’ in different languages with Tima. We read some books, one of which was about dinosaurs and the children loved it.


Everyone welcomed Edward from his holidays on the Gold Coast and he was telling his experiences to his friends.

Eddie: “We went to Queensland with Grandma and Grandpa and we had ice cream”


Some Friends brought toys from home because this week we started learning about letter “C”.

Henry “I brought many cars in a box”, his friends were super happy to play with him.

Elise: “ I brought Cards from home”

Isla: “ I brought the Cape”

Leo: “ I brought a Calculator from home” he was showing how all the buttons works on it.


Affa made blue play dough with Alice, Olivia, Georgia, Isla and Elise. They pretended to make a cake and lollipops for all of their friends.


During the outside play time, children were engaged in practising their balancing skills on the beam. They were playing with Henry’s cars.

Henry: Showed the car to Thomas and said “ Look Thomas”

Thomas: “Wow, I want That car too”

Henry: “My car goes into the hills and down to the river”

Some children were engaged in building at the construction corner.


We continued our learning and playing for the rest of the day and had lot  of fun. See you tomorrow.





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