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It was a cloudy day and chances of rain was getting higher so we have maximised our space indoors for different the learning experiences we have planned for today. As we held the news time indoors, it encouraged on developing children’s confidence, increase their vocabulary and improve their communication skills.

This week topic was “Coronavirus” where children brought their news from home. Children were encouraged to come in the front and share what they have prepared at home. The group time includes open ended question and investigation about topics.

Following are some children who expressed their news time:

Edward, “Ninja mask to prevent from germs.”

Evelyn, “COVID vaccination card.”

Adeline, “Koala hospital relation to COVID 19.”

Jack. A, “Special mask to protect from spreading germs.”

Ava, “I drew germs of COVID 19.”

Liam, “Stickers from Olympics. We can’t go anywhere because of COVID 19.”

Oli, “Hand Sanitiser for protection from germs.”

Elliot also expressed his news time of travelling in different parks. He stood in group time and showed  his interest in pictures.

Next week NEWS Time is “Sustainable project” or any materials that involves topic environment or recycling.

After splitting in different groups, children focused their learning about NAIDOC week. During group discussions, children learnt about few Aboriginal books and communicate with teachers about their understanding of NAIDOC week. In the outdoor area children drew aboriginal painting using primary colours such as red, black, yellow. Children also played with playdough made with lemon myrtle and discover more about some native Australian animals. Meanwhile, some children were involved in construction of magnetic blocks and driving rockets being astronauts.

Similarly, children who were inside had cut out boomerang shaped paper and coloured them whilst drawing inspiration from Aboriginal arts. These hands on experiences encouraged fine motor development and also enhances their creativity whilst giving them opportunities to better understand their natural environment. Children were also involved in other fine motor skills such as; cutting, painting and other STEM resources like mobilos and legos.

When the weather improved, children went out in the yard for a quick run. They played in the cubby house, and engaged in a soccer game with their friends. In the yard, children were engaged in gross motor skills and learn to improve their balance and improve on their fundamental skills.

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