Hello, Crimson families. Welcome to another fun week here at Burns bay cottage.


At group time, we gathered on the mat and listened to Nickey’s and Laura’s news. This week’s topic is ‘A photo or example of natural materials. ‘

Nickey –  Brought a rock. He said the rock is from his garden, and his daddy is collecting rocks to keep the plants stable. Nicky also showed us a piece of wood and explained that the wood is from the roof of his house. He picked it up when it fell into the bathroom. Oscar W asked the question “How did it fall off?”, Nickey answered, “My daddy tried to drill a hole in the roof.”. Oscar T also asked the question “How did he (Nickey’s daddy) go onto the roof?”. Nickey’s answer was “He used two steps stand. He could reach it when he stood on it.”

Laura – Brought a shell. She held the shell to her ear and said if you listen quietly, you will be able to hear the ocean. Amol asked the question “Where did you find that shell?”, Laura answered “I found it from the ocean when I went on the holiday. My daddy got it for me. He dived into the ocean.”. Julia asked the next question “Why the shell is special to you?”. Laura’s answer was “It has stripes on it so it’s special.”

Thank you, Nicky and Laura!


After, it was time for the learning centre.

The Possum group stayed on the deck and explored Aboriginal culture especially their symbols. After listened to the Aboriginal dream-time story “How the kangaroos got their tails.”, children were also invited to play a card game. They looked at the Aboriginal symbols, guessed what they represented and found a card to match. We were able to guess easy ones like the sun and eggs very quickly but had to work together to guess more difficult ones like possum tracks and sitting man. Teos was the one who won the most cards. Congratulations, Teos! After the games, the children continued to engage with Aboriginal symbols through playdough and drawing.



Kookaburra group and Platypus group spend their time in the room. Children were invited to play the Australian animal matching card game. They used their memory recall skills and social skills to challenge each other to see who could win the most cards. In other areas, children enjoyed Dot painting using various colours and wood. Also, they practised their fine motor skills and coordination skill by cutting out Aboriginal symbols while guessing what each symbol indicate.



In the afternoon, children had a great time playing outdoors in the sun.


Thank you for a lovely Monday! See you tomorrow.

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