Hello everyone! It’s been a beautiful day indeed! The Crimson Group had a great time enjoying the outdoors for some exercises. Nicky, Oscar, Teos and others went to play soccer with Amol whilst others have chosen to explore the cubby house and other equipment in the yard.

In the morning, we gathered all the children for the news time. The topic for this week is about “Natural materials” in connection with NAIDOC Week celebration and our sustainability project. The children who are rostered for today had brought some remarkably interesting natural material or photos of them that they shared with the group.

Arya, Lily, Thomas, Elliot and Julia shared about what they brought in the class today. They were encouraged to describe what they have and also were encouraged to welcome questions from the group.

Moving on, the children went to split into 2 groups since we have a smaller number of children today.

The Kookaburra and the Possums Groups stayed indoors and engaged in some activities relating to Aboriginal culture and practices.

Some children participated in Aboriginal inspired dot painting using sticks whilst others explored more of the symbols the Indigenous used long ago to communicate.

The Platypus Group on the other hand extended their learning about the importance of bees in our ecosystem and also about space through discussions, arts and craft and also other hands on experiences.

As we discuss about how important the bees are, children have shared wonderful ideas to the group.

Max R., “Bees help heal the world.”

Lily, “The bees help with the flowers.”

Oscar T., “The bees help the plants grow.”

Max W., “The bees pollinate!”

In addition, as their growing curiosity about the outer space continue, they created space craft using paper rolls and tissue boxes.

Oscar T., “We’re using sustainable things!”

We will continue to have fun experiences in the afternoon and do some extensions from the activities in the morning.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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