We had a happy Tuesday!!


The Magenta Group started their day with Yoga. Alejandra explained the movements and the children tried to copy them! They are also learning different animals in Spanish. Yoga is a great way to encourage the children to participate in exercise and can enhance their gross motor skills, balance and coordination! They had a lot of fun!


They did group time with Alejandra and Daniel, where they sang some of their favourite songs ‘You Are My Sunshine’, ‘Good Morning’ in different languages and the days on the week. They sang the ‘ABC’ song and listened to some stories called ‘Lady and the Tramp’ and ‘Giraffe is Lost’. We were sharing toys and things from home because the letter of the week is “C” and the children were excited to showing everyone.

Leo: “I brought a circle, coat hanger and corkscrew”

Isla: “I brought a caterpillar”

Olivia: “I brought a caterpillar too”


The children continued recognising the letters during this learning experience with Alejandra. They matched the letters together and are starting to learn the Capital letters and lower case letters.

During group game, the children sat in a circle and played ‘Doggy Doggy where is your bone’ with their peers. These types of games help them to develop social, emotional and physical skills.

In the afternoon, children did meditation with Daniel inside and after that they chose their activities inside and outside including, the sensory sand box with Australian animals, play dough, magnets, building corner, kitchen corner and book corner.

Henry, Leo, Isaac and Eddie were reading a animal book in the balance beam.

Louis, Levi, Elise, Saige, Isla and Georgia were building a Car in the block corner.

Levi enjoyed to play with the balloons.


See you tomorrow!



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