It was a good weather and children fully enjoyed their day engaging in various learning activities. They were excited to play with their friends and learn through different learning experiences.

At the start of the day, Amol discussed with the children about the day. They discussed together and took turns to decide what would they all like to do throughout the day.

We continued with NAIDOC week activities from last week as children were still interested in the topic. Children were engaged in different activities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge.

During the group time we continued to talk about” First Nation” people and their contribution towards building new societies in Australia. NAIDOC week also focused on learning about history and cultures of First Nation. Children discussed ideas about equality and respecting their culture.

During group time children started open ended questioning about strategies to provide welcoming environment for first nation people.

Moreover, we extended NAIDOC week by using creative and pre-writing skills by creating pair of aboriginal signs. Children were able to recreate water, rain, animals trail and ways of early forms of communication.

In addition, children discussed about “News Time” or “Readiness to school program”. Children looked in roster and look for their name and wait for their turn. It encourages children communication skills and enables to investigate question from other peers. It highly promotes children’s confidence and language skills.

Jeffrey was first one for news time. He brought a wooden car. While this interactive group time, children were also engaged in discussion about the relation of wooden car and environment.

On the deck children were engaged in copying a dip sting shapes – drawing their pictures. Children took turn for creating their own designs. They decorated paper using textures and crayons.

Children had a fun play in the yard. They played on the cabby house, soccer, climbing frame and so on.

The day was very progressive, and children met their possible learning outcomes through different activities throughout day.

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