Good afternoon Emerald families! Hope you had a great day.

Today children started their day by engaging themselves in free play. They played with babies, farm animals, wooden blocks, sand pit and drawing.  Free play is important for healthy brain development allowing children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, cognitive and physical abilities.

Then children participated in music and movement experience. We love to dance in Emerald room. The educator asked the children which song they would like to dance in the beginning and majority suggested ‘Rock-a-bye-bear.’ According to Mayesky (2015), music and movement enhances children’s competence learn and grow.

For group time we had 3 different groups. Our group times are always engaging and interactive. We started by singing some nursery rhymes like ‘down in the down, open shut them, tiny turtles and gallop when the little green frog’. Then we read books such as ‘Where is the green sheep, Cows in the kitchen, The hungry caterpillar and The Gruffalo’. Through this experience children were introduced to concepts such as numbers, letters, colours, shapes and life cycle of a butterfly in a fun way. Reading books enhance children’s, listening, memory, and vocabulary skills. During today group time we also discussed about various Jungle animals.

What a perfect day to warm up our body by performing yoga with our friends. We got our mats out, took our shoes off, and exercised our body. Some of the poses of today were snake, tall tree, mouse, and dog. Children love to jump, stretch, and shake their body during yoga. It is one of our daily favourites!!

After the group time children participated in various learning activities such as painting, sticking, manipulating play tools, ball play and play dough. Children enjoys exploring play dough and pretending to make a birthday cake. They also used their motor skills to hammer on the play dough.

As the ‘Jungle safari’ project continues, today the children painted “Fox’’. In the yard, children were busy making caterpillar (The very hungry caterpillar).

Overall, the day was filled with fun and exciting experiences. Have a good evening. Stay safe!!

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