Today we started the morning with yoga as the first activity as it facilitates tranquillity. Daniel demonstrated doing different movements for the children based on a book that also contained the alphabet and animal poses to practice.


After that we started group time singing and practicing the greetings “GOOD MORNING” = “BUENOS DIAS” and talked about other languages that children and teachers speak at home. We believe that multiculturalism helps to develop autonomy and respect for diversity.


Tima explained the importance of washing our hands and covering our mouth when coughing, she also explained why we should wear a mask and children can understand that’s to be safe and sure about don’t get sick.

We are learning about literacy and numeracy in our environment for example and we talk about the days of the week, we count them and note there are 7 days, extending the children’s understanding of these concepts. We are learning about the letter of the week “Cc” and discuss some of the children’s names start with ‘C’, like Charlotte. Charlotte was trying to write her name on the board with her spell in the group time and after group time.



Elaria, Charlotte, Isla and Georgia enjoyed playing in the Home Corner. They said that they were organising the kitchen, the bathroom and the washing machine. Charlotte was cooking chicken noodles for everyone.


Tima read a new book called Charlie Cooks by Julia Donelson. Reading stories promotes a love for literature, and encourages the children to develop vocabulary, amongst many other benefits.

Georgia says that her favourite book is Frozen, and Olivia agreed! Elaria says her favourite book is about dinosaurs and crocodiles!


When the weather was clear, we had fun playing outside. Henry, Isaac, Leo and Luca enjoyed putting the trains and tracks together and driving them around!


We had a lovely day and look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!








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