We have had another exciting day in Magenta!

The children started their day with the usual morning yoga session with Alejandra.

During group time, together we sang the good morning song in different languages. We spoke about the days of the week and the weather of the day. Then we explored letter recognition by writing our names on the white board. We continued with the letter of the week project and Tima explained to the children that, Charlotte’s name begins with letter ‘C’. Isla brought a book ‘Clifford the Big Dog’ by Norman Bridwell. Thank you Isla!  The other objects we discussed were cars, carrots, and cushions.

Some of our activities today included an Australian themed sensory box with a mini desert to explore our way through, drawing table where the children drew their favourite things and chatted to their friends proudly about what they drew, dinosaur painting, home corner where the children explored their world around. Edward and Luca made ice cream for us and it was very delicious, we also had a helicopter and a mini transport world for the children to explore.

To introduce the topic of “lock down” (as the children have been discussing it amongst themselves) we built a house and bathroom from the building blocks and the children were discussing what the house meant to them. Exploring this in play allows the children to explore their feelings in a safe way and place.

Charlotte said “this house is going to keep us safe from the monster”

During learning centre time we continued our discussions about keeping our bodies healthy and strong. We chatted about “catching our cough” and how it is so important to wash our hands throughout the day.

Hope you have a wonderful evening, stay warm and safe, and see you all tomorrow.

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