Happy Monday everyone! With the current lockdown situation in the community, we have been missing some children but the Crimson team have been trying our best to keep the spirit up for the children and make everything as normal and fun as possible.

In the morning, Nicky and Laura shared their news with the group. The topic for this week is still about “sustainability”. Laura began by showing the plastic container she brought.

Laura, “This is a plastic bottle. My mum gave it to me. This is recyclable material.” Laura asked if the group if they have any question and Oscar asked, “Why do you have the plastic bottle?” Laura answered, “This is recyclable material my mum gave me.”

Nicky brought in a family photobook. “This is my family. This is on our house. This is my friend and his dad. I was drawing here, and I have presents, lego ones.” Children were also very much interested with it and they kept looking at the photos that Nicky was showing.

Since the children have been talking about space and rockets, we decided to extend our knowledge about the outer space. We revisited our learning about Sir Richard Branson’s trip to the edge of the space through Virgin Galactic by watching a short video clip. Oscar T. and Max spoke to Nicky about the rockets that we made last week.

As we continue, children drew more interest in planets and shared some knowledge about it so to expand on that, we decided to make our own planets using paper mache as we continue to incorporate sustainability in our projects. Everyone got involved and was very excited to paint them to make it more look like planets.

Some children had some more exploration on fire station. Arda and Jeffrey worked closely together whilst sharing ideas and opinions about fire fighters and fire trucks.

Others were ecstatic to jump in the sandpit and do some gross motor exercises outdoors.

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