Happy Friday! What a wonderful week the children have had in the Emerald room 😊

Today the children group times with their favourite educators, where they read books, sang songs and played fun games together! This is always such a fun way to engage the children in conversations and enhance social skills and language!

Time for yoga! The children know exactly what to do when it’s yoga time – set up the mats and take off their shoes. Today we listened to relaxing music and lay on our backs practicing our breathing and stretching our legs!

We had fun colour matching the caterpillar with the coloured play dough …

We tried our best to balance the farm animals on the barn as it rocks from side to side! This was so much fun and the children laughed when the animals fell off the barn!

The children participated in a big group painting with the colours of the Aboriginal flag; red, black and yellow! The children had so much fun exploring the paint with paintbrushes or their hands and using their creativity to make a beautiful painting!

Thank you for a lovely week 😊

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