Today was a very fun and special day for Alegria as we celebrated her birthday. She turned 3! Happy Birthday from all your friends and teachers in Aqua who wish you a special day. Thank you for bringing the yummy cupcakes and party bags for all your friends.

The morning started off calmly as Sophia B and Alegria played with magnets making a big road with them. It was lovely to see them working together.

William really enjoyed being a fire man and exploring the fire house. Henry and Nicholas M also enjoyed the house and fire engine.

Alison has settled in well this week and enjoyed exploring the areas and toys in Aqua.

Group time came and we read lots of nice stories, we sang the day’s of the week song and wished a good morning to everyone who came to school.

Learning centre time we brushed up on fine motor skills and creativity and made some lovely pictures by sticking different pictures on the paper.

Playdough was a lot of fun as we made big long snakes with it. It is really good for our fine motor skills and pre-writing development as it builds small muscles in the hands.

We enjoyed using the droppers with green water colour paint today; the children love to explore them and are displaying great manipulation skills as they get the water inside.

We also had the opportunity to be creative and paint on the easel using the colour red.

The children also enjoyed dancing time together using the red cloth for a bears den.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay safe.

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