Happy Monday everyone and welcome back to another week at BBC. It was a very quiet morning but so nice to still so many of our friends arrive today. It’s a hard time at the moment and glad to see everyone staying safe.

The children that were in today, were busy exploring the toys set up for them.

Elizabeth pushed the cars on the track we made. Beveen and Emmeline explored the magnets side by side. Poppy was drawn to the fire house as it is a new popular toy in Aqua. Iris displayed amazing hand and eye control as she made marks on the paper with the textas. She chatted with Joey her friend as they both sat together at the table.

Group times were fun! We read our stories, sang our songs and wished a good morning to everyone in different languages. With Katherine, the children were encouraged to find the animals in the book, they had to draw on their problem solving skills and recall to find them.

Learning centre time was lots of fun as we got to explore sensory play. Katherine made a frogs swamp and the children loved exploring it, finding the frogs hiding inside.

With Carolina the children sat and did some yoga poses, they displayed amazing listening ears as the watched and listened to what pose to do. Yoga is so good for the children to learn body awareness as well as many other development areas.

Remi really enjoyed exploring the scissor at the table. She held her scissors well and made small slits in the paper.

With Katherine the children measured the ingredients and made dough. They used the colour green and it was ‘’soft’’ Poppy said when finished.

Trish brough a wonderful game for the children to explore and they were super excited but amazing at waiting their turn. It was a fishing game which will build good hand and eye control as they try catch the fish with the magnets.

What a fun Monday we had together! We hope you have a wonderful evening and stay safe Aqua Families.

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