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In the early morning children went out in the yard to perform some physical exercises and we discussed today’s learning activities. We discussed ideas, thoughts and imaginative skills for different learning experiences. Children showed interested in Aboriginal activities such as creating bush tucker, campfires, celebrations and instruments such as tapping sticks.


In our morning group time, we made a pretend campfire and celebrated NAIDOC week. We collected lots of woods from outside and piled them on one another. We pretended it was campfire and collected our tapping sticks. We play some music on the sound system and the children moved around the fire singing ‘Aunty Wendy’ songs. Throughout this activity, children discussed our First Nation’s culture, lifestyle, food and language. Children were also pointing out their activities from previous days about First Nation people.


After our campfire, children shared their news for News Time. As this week was about the environment, most of children showed their understanding by bring some materials that relates to nature. Dominic brought plastic bottles and shared his recycling project with friends. Ava brought shells and flowers explaining her understanding about protecting flowers and how she got the shell from beach. Maddison brought her mask, Nicky brought his stickers that he got from the grocery store and Laura brought her book that she got in her birthday.


All the children were confident in their presenting and answering their peers’ open ended questions. They engaged in interactive conversation with each other, learnt about turn taking when questioning and confidently answered tricky questions using their creative thinking.


Children were engaged in different NAIDOC week activities such as creating clapping sticks using images, they used dot painting with primary colours which are used in Aboriginal culture. Meanwhile, some children were engaged in literacy and numeracy activities like drawing, matching cards of Aboriginal animals and sorting out blocks.


On the deck children were engaged in constructive play through mobiles and blocks. Some of the children were engaged in Home Corner by preparing food and selling the items to customers.  This extends the children’s numeracy skills and creativity as they explore through play. On the other side of the deck, some children were engaged in mixing colours and making new colours. They used their creative skills to make some green by mixing yellow and blue. All colours were kept in ice cubes for children to show their discoveries to other children in the afternoon.


The stormy weather came over quickly at lunch time but the children were enjoying the rain, talking about how loud the thunder was, heavy the rain was and that the sky got dark. The children continue to show interest, curiosity and understanding of their environment and are often fascinated by the weather changes.


Overall, the day was very productive with learning different domains of development through various learning experiences.

We forward to see you next week


Thank You and Be safe


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