Hello, Crimson families.

At group time, we gathered on the mat and listened to our friends. Today, no child raised their hand to do news about Natural materials, so Jack did his news about his special cream!

Jack –  Showed us a tube of cream. He said he needs to put it on his face. And his mum bought it for him. Euan asked the question “Where did she buy it?”. Jack answered, “From the shop. My mum knows.”. Arda also asked the question “Why do you need to put cream?”, Jack’s answer was “Because this cream helps to take away the mark from my cheek.”

Thank you, Jack!!


After, it was time for the learning centre.


In the room, children enjoyed fine motor activities. First, they were invited to make playdough. Children reviewed ingredients and procedures and also, paid great attention to measurements. On the deck, Julia, Nickey, Euan, Belian and Levi showed great coordination skills to thread the beads onto the pipe cleaners.


In the yard, children engaged in group play. They demonstrated cooperation and negotiation skills to be in part of the group play. Group play is very important especially in pre-school age as it helps children to build confidence and empathy. After group play, children engaged in a variety of activities. Alexia and Evelyn enjoyed handling money and selling goods to other children. At the other table, Archie and Arda had a great time interacting with each other while playing a penguin board game.



In the afternoon, Alejandra came to do a dance session. Oscar W, Euan, Nicky, Lily, Evelyn, Jack and Max W participated in this session. They moved their bodies to the music and played a game of pass the beanbag to the person next to them.

We had another fun day in Crimson room. See you tomorrow!

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