It’s Monday! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room 😊 We hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready to get started!

Today the children sat down for group time to enjoy some of their favourite books! We read ‘Old MacDonald’s Farm’ and ‘The Gruffalo’ together! The children love to point out the animals and the characters in the book!

Time for yoga! We had a lot of fun today moving our bodies and practicing yoga together. The children love to be beautiful butterflies asleep in their warm cocoons 😊 This has been a lovely way to develop gross motor skills and learn more about the lifecycle of a caterpillar!

We checked on our growing plants and watered them. This project has been super fun and the children have been able to experience growing seeds in a very hands-on way! They have planted them together and watched patiently as they grow 😊

We had a very nice Monday today! The children loved exploring the play dough with cookie cutters, drawing together on a big piece of paper and racing in the cars and on the bikes!

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