Tuesday is here! The children have enjoyed a terrific Tuesday learning and exploring together!

We kicked things off with fun group times with different educators! The children love to sing songs with Ekta and read books too! Afroz used her felt board to tell the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ with felt visual aids and then we sang the ‘Fuzzy Caterpillar’ song with Robyn and followed along to the actions.

During yoga, the children moved their bodies and followed along to different yoga poses where the children pretended to be animals. They exercised their gross motor skills and worked on their balance and coordination.

Today the children helped Afroz to make different coloured play dough! They mixed it together with their hands and used food colouring to change the colours! When it was ready to use, the children played with the caterpillar mat to match colours!

The children explored foam with paintbrushes, they used their imagination to mix a big cake together 😊

Today was a lot of fun! The children had fun digging in the sandpit, using their fine motor skills to thread pasta onto pipe-cleaners to make a snake … and they danced to music whilst wearing tutus! Thanks for another fun day 😊

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