Happy Monday Families!


It’s a stressful time at the moment but we’re happy to see most of our children and continued to try to be positive and supportive throughout the unfolding situation.

During group time, the children sang ‘Good Morning songs’, and read books with Tima.  We started the letter of week “Dd” and this morning Tima stated to talk about thing with letter “D”.

Then the children were encouraged to share if they knew anything that begins with an ‘d’ sound. They said, ‘D’ is for our Teacher Durshi, D is for Dinosaurs,. The children’s knowledge of objects begins with the ‘ddd’ sound was scaffolded with pictures and story.

Alannah started to draw a Sun on the board

Henry brought a beautiful book “Dinosaur Dig”, he started to draw the letter “Dd” on the board.

Isla brought a Doggy and she said “My grandpa give me the Doggy when I was a baby”.

During learning centre time, Tima asked questions to the children, about what we need to do when we have a cold or flu and they demonstrated with their hands that we need to cover or mouth, showing their understanding of how important it is to cover our mouths.

With Alejandra, the children continued to build on their ability to recognise the letters of the alphabet however, this time we talked about Capital letters, and how our names start with a capital, and then try to put the other letters in the order for their names. They did the activity with a little assistance and we will continue to practice more!

Leo shared his Robot with his friends today, and they were so happy> Levi, Isabelle, Louis and Edward said thanks to him for being a good friend and for taking turns and sharing his toy.

Isla, Elise, Alice, Elaria and Georgia were pretending to be teachers and they did a group time.

In the afternoon, children did meditation with Rosanna. They listened to music and talked to each other using gentle voices; it was so relaxing.

During free play time, the children chose what they would like to do, including, drawing, playing in the Home Corner, manipulating play dough and making pretend food for friends. Children loved it and spent quality time engaging in their own learning and development.





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