What a fun Tuesday we had today. The children love to explore and when they do it together they are so cute.

Today I heard Claire say to Quinn ‘’lets take our babies on an adventure’’. So cute together! Quinn and Claire also decided they would make snow angels with their bodies in the sand, they are displaying amazing cognitive development as they remember from their trip to the snow. They must have made snow angels with their families.

Outside today was super exciting as Donna set up the dolls with the cubby house. The children were so eager to play. They patted the babies to sleep in the bed, while William fed them their lunch. The children loved this play and spent a lot of time here exploring.  Such happy smiles from Alegria and India in the cubby house.

Joey and Nishka enjoyed some reading time together, Joey loves pretending to do a group time, singing for the children to come and sit on the mat.

Alice and Maya enjoyed exploring the farm house and its animals. Alice could be heard making the sounds of each animal she played with.

Group time came and with Liza the children explored the emotion story. The children told Liza how the fruit was feeling.

After group time the children explored scissors with dough, strengthen our small muscles in our hands.  With Trish the children played the fishing game.

Some children joined Carolina on the yoga mats to do some relaxing and getting our bodies ready for play for the day. Claire showed us how she does her breathing technics to came her body in preparation for her yoga class. The children are so good at completing the poses.

With Liza we continue to learn how to keep our bodies healthy. The children looked at the bread they had used the previous week and could see the gems that had grown on it. After the children had the opportunity to draw their own germ on paper while they observed what the germ was like on a print out. The children were very creative and made some wonderful germs.

We would like to wish Claire a very Happy 3rd Birthday. We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your special day and thank you for sharing it with us and bringing a beautiful pink sprinkle cake.

What a fun filled day at Aqua, have a nice evening and stay safe.

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