Hello, Crimson families. The wind was so chilly today! Nevertheless, the children had a fun and energetic time.


At group time, we gathered on the mat and discussed the importance of recycling and how to protect our environment. After, we listened to our friend’s news. Today, Viraj brought recycled material from his home. And Thomas and Belian brought something from their home too.

Viraj – Showed us his special bag to put all sorts of recycling materials. He took out the recycled materials one by one and showed them to us. He said he does recycle at home too.


Thomas – Brought a book ‘Room on the Broom’. He said he got it for his news time. And he likes to listen to the story.


Belian – Showed us a photo of his family buying a new car. He said his daddy gave him a photo for news time. He was so excited to see the new car and he is very happy.


Thank you, Viraj, Thomas and Belian! !


After, it was time for the learning centre.

In the room, Thomas, Lily, Oscar W and Belian enjoyed making playdough. They decided to make it green and added green glitter. They used their imagination to shape playdough as cupcakes and cookies. On the other table, Edward showed his numeracy skills to write numbers. Whist, Arda and Viraj enjoying the company of each other to build a supercar with Mobilo. At the home corner, Imri was busy cooking food for everyone. On the other hand, Elliot expressed his curiosity about stamping.

In the sandpit, Nicky, Jeffrey and Dominic worked very hard to create an environment looks like a moon. They arranged PVC piles, wood pieces and spaceship. Jeffrey was very enthusiastic about raking.


In the afternoon, we all went to the yard and spent a great time going through the obstacles or staying in the cubby house.


Thank you for the fun Wednesday. See you tomorrow.

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