Happy Wednesday! The children have enjoyed a fabulous day playing, learning and exploring with their educators.

In our group time, the children had lots of fun sitting down to participate in a reading circle! The children loved looking through different books by themselves, pointing at familiar objects and sharing with their friends.

Today, we practiced yoga with Ekta and Affa! We moved our bodies in a big way – stretching, jumping and having fun 😊

We loved baking biscuits for our afternoon tea! The children helped to mix the dough, roll it out and decide what shapes to cut out. Baking is always a lot of fun and is a great activity to encourage fine motor skills, language and early mathematics!

Today, the children enjoyed drawing, matching colours and building tall towers! We explored the sand pit and other toys in the Emerald room.

We also celebrated our Dom Dom’s 1st birthday with a big fat chocolate cake! The children loved singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her and enjoyed seeing her smiley little face 😊

Unfortunately, today is also the day we say ‘Goodbye’ to MeiTing. The children, staff and families are all very sad to see her go but wish her all the best in the future! We hope to see you around The Cove, TingTing!

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