Thursday has arrived and the sun in shining! The children have had another fabulous day learning all about Tigers!

Before we forget … The Emerald room would like to remind parents that tomorrow (Friday) is Pyjama day! So roll out of bed and come straight to Day care! And if you would like, bring a teddy bear so we can have picnics throughout the day!

Today the children sat down for group time with their educators! They read books and played with puppets together before yoga! During yoga the children stretched their bodies and practiced their animal poses. They had a lot of fun enhancing their physical development together!

We learnt all about tigers today! The children read books and looked at pictures of tigers with their educators and talked about where they live and what they look like. Then the children were invited to glue and stick stripes onto a tiger and join in with a group project where they painted black stripes onto a big piece of orange paper!

The children have been loving the song ‘5 Little Speckled Frogs’ and enjoy singing it at group times. Today they painted their own green speckled frogs with green paint and paintbrushes!

Thank you for such a lovely day playing in the sand pit, exploring coloured balls and dancing together Don’t forget your PJ’s tomorrow!

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