Good afternoon dear Aqua Family, hope you all are doing well.

It was such a fun day today; some Aqua children started their day with discussion about their pyjamas and further they discussed about their night schedule with each other.

Alegria “I also brush my teeth and wash my hands before bed!”

Celina “I wash my face and put some face cream on before bed!”

Nishka “I brush my teeth, wash my face and go to bed!”

Isabel “I put some cream on my cheek, take dummy, turn off the light and then go to bed!”

Similarly, Sophia enjoyed building a tall tower for her daddy and Nicholas loved exploring Dinosaur world.

Outside, Elizabeth, Matilda, Billy, and Alice demonstrated their social skills of sharing and turn taking and constructed together. Everybody agreed on digging a hole to hide from Big Bad Wolf.

In learning centre, with Durshi children explored about healthy foods followed by food sorting experience. Throughout the experience, children transferred their knowledge by linking it with their breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Likewise, Nishka shared her book with her peers and Komalpreet in group time and all the children enjoyed listening to the story. Thank you Nishka 😊

Later, they participated in colour sorting activity.

Some children showed their curiosity in the experiment where they would transfer the colour from crepe paper on a normal white paper using spray (water) bottle. It was fun exploring the colour being transferred and mixed.

With Liza, children participated in sequencing activity where children were encouraged to stick the pictures in sequence as per demonstrated. This helps in enhancing children’s cognitive skills and their memory skills as well.

Aqua children enjoyed their time in Aqua by exploring the room.

Hope you guys have a great evening and a good weekend.

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