Children were excited for Friday morning and ‘Pyjama Day’.

All children were dressed in their pyjamas and happy to show off their pjs to their friends. In the group time children learnt about ‘National Pyjama Day’ and why it is celebrated. Children were interacting with each other about their routines when they go home at night.

Later in group time we decided to watch videos on pyjamas on laptop. All children lied down on the mat with their pillows and watched videos pretending it as sleepovers in BBC.

After watching videos, we started our ‘News Time’.

Children looked at their names on the roster and brought their news time from their bag. Edward came up with whole bag of recycling objects.

Children were curious about objects inside the bag. Edward was taking everything out one by one and explaining to his friends. He was regularly communicating with his friends about different recycling objects and how can we recycle it. He was looking confident about explaining all recycling objects t all children.

Similarly, Elliot came in the front and started responding to his pictures of trip to zoo and see farm animals. He was very excited to see all children Infront of him and listening to news time. He got distracted from paper and teacher used mobile phone to explain his pictures.

Laura also came in the front to show handmade wristband for her mom. She made it with beads from the deck.

Thomas came up with his book from yesterday and telling story about his book.

Evelyn came with drawing for her mom to show it everybody. Ava came with bottle filled with rice made by her mum.

Some of conversation between children are:

Euan:  Edward, where did you get bag full of recycling materials?

Edward replied ‘I got all these from my daddy and bag is from woollies’.

Lilly: Ava, who made you the shaker?

Ava replied, ‘my mum made it for me, and I drink the bottle yesterday’.

Thomas: My favorite page is dragon giving fire to wizard’s stick.

Laura: I collected beads and made for my mum.

Evelyn: I will give my drawing to mummy.


Throughout the week children have shown tremendous confidence through explaining their news to whole crimson room. They have developed their skills of communicating others and learning disposition.

During learning centre time, children drew their pyjamas in paper and kept it on the wall. They used different colours to make rainbow pyjamas.

For sensory development, children were engaged in playing with play dough, making shapes and designs with it.

Children were engaged in mobile play and construction for their fine and gross motor skill.

During group time, we discussed about Olympic games and they were very excited to know different facts about sports. For extend their knowledge, next week they will be engaged in learning about sports and Olympics.

Have a great weekend and stay safe

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