Happy Friday Magenta Family.

Today we started our day reading a new book called ‘Annie’s Chair’ by Debora Niland. Through this book, we learnt the importance of sharing. When Daniel was reading the book, he used the illustrations to asked questions to children about the book. It was a very interactive group time.

After that we started the morning with yoga as it stimulates tranquillity. Daniel demonstrated movements with the children based on a book that also contained the alphabet and animals to practice.

Before group time, Tima had a casual discussion with the children, and she was asking them about their pyjamas and how beautiful they looked each very cute.

And their responses were as follows,

Leo- “My pyjama has a robot.”

Isla- ‘My pyjama has a rainbow”.

Thomas- “My pyjama has a dinosaur like Henry’s.”

Charlotte “My pyjama has a flower”

Olivia “My pyjama has Elsa from Frozen with long hair”.

During group time we continued to sing the Alphabet song and practiced the letter of the week “D d”. We discussed the days of the week, and put the day, date, and weather on the calendar.

When Tima was reading the book, she used the pictures of the dinosaurs to ask questions to children about the book.

Henry was very proud of his ‘Dinosaur book’ and ‘The Alphabet book’.

Poppy was very happy because she brought her toy dog, and she said that “My best friend always gives me something.’

The children enjoyed playing in the yard with different type of the sensory trays with rice and dinosaurs.

In the afternoon Alejandra was enjoying with them and asking about their pyjamas.

Next week we will be learning Letter ‘’E e”. Please do not forget to bring something to share that starts with letter “E e’’.

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